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EMELCO Electric (Emsaki Electrical Company)

Trusted Licensed Electrician San Jose CA.
We provide Residential and Commercial Wiring, lighting, Repair, Installation, upgrade and remodeling in San Jose.

We follow blueprints and inspect the job site to determine the location of wiring and equipment and to ensure conformance to building and safety codes and provide cost estimates for materials and services.

Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical and electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers and other components, install ground leads and connect power cables to equipment, such as motors.

Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
Perform inspection and test on electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify continuity, hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
We Repair or replace old wiring, equipment, accessories and components and install new electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.

Place conduits, pipes, tubing and raceways inside/outside of designated partitions, walls, or other concealed areas, and pull insulated wires or cables through the conduits and also perform physically demanding tasks, such as digging trenches to lay conduit.

About the owner: Industrial engineer with over 20 years experience in diverse industries such as construction, utilities and energy fields.